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Essential Oils

Essentials oils have been an integral part of health and wellness for millennia. They are emotionally, physically, and spiritually beneficial.
Sacred Oils are spoken of throughout the Bible for use in spiritual ceremonies, as medicines, as well as currency.

How are oils made?
Pure essential oils are derived from plant extracts. Processed organically from natural ingredients, they have no harmful chemicals or additives.

How Oils work Physically/Scientifically?
Oils can be inhaled, used topically or in some cases ingested*; working to increase frequencies within the body to enhance your natural immune system, decreasing the ability for disease and illness to take hold in the body.

Combined with biofeedback, nutrition, activity, use of natural remedies, and most importantly communication with the Great Physician; you have the ability to take control of your own health and wellness.

*As advised by a licensed physician

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